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Singers & songwriters have your recordings done at very reasonable prices by CMP Recordings. Deal with people that care enough to make you sound good!

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Jerry Mac

Send us a simple recording of the song of you singing with a guitar or piano or just your voice. Don't worry about the quality of it, because we only use this as a guide for the melody. We will record the song using multiple instruments that will make your song very good. We will send you back the song with a singer & another track with music only.

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George Longard

Jerry Mac & George Longard formed a partnership to create CMP Recordings in order to be able to give songwriters and singers good recordings at very reasonable prices. Between Jerry & George there is a combined experience of over 100 years in the music business.

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Send us the lyrics & a guide to go by, or just leave it to us to create the melody. You can do this all by email or if you prefer by regular mail. Our mailing address is CMP Recordings; 1 Black Hawk Circle #D6; Downingtown, PA 19335. Look below for email address. You can pay by check or money order or click on the button to pay by paypal or credit card.

If you are interested in going to Nashville to record let us know & we will make arrangements with you.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 610-518-1122

With all the choices you have of folks that will do your recordings, you may be asking yourself why you would record with us instead of someone else. The answer is simple (because we will always tell you the truth & you will never find a better recording for the price anywhere on planet earth. Besides that, we can get your music heard by the right people. We will make your CDs for you, too, if you want us to do so).

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